Nero 安装常见问题集(部分编译)


1. I tried to install the latest update of Nero, but I'm getting the error 'The Nero.exe executable file has been corrupted'. What can I do? (nero安装程序被中断)

Check the following possible solutions:

Try a new download from a different server on our website (尝试在nero官网的不同服务器下载新版本)

Check your HD for viruses. (Be sure to update your anti-virus program.) (检测系统是否存在病毒)

Uninstall any other CD recording software you have on your system and remove any drivers they may have left behind. (卸载系统中其他cd 刻录软件)

Update your BIOS and IDE chipset driver. (升级bios或ide主板驱动程序)

Shut down all other (background) applications while installing Nero. (安装时关闭其它后台程序)

Check your RAM for damaged sectors. (检测内存)

Check the frequency of your CPU, it might be over- or underclocked. (检查cpu时钟频率)

2. When I attempt to install Nero for the first time or attempt to upgrade from my older version, I get the message 'An older version of Nero has been detected on your system' or 'The installation wizard was aborted, your system was not changed'. (您的系统中存在nero的老版本软件,安装向导被取消,你的系统未被改变)

First, be sure you have the latest release of your anti-virus program running on your system to clean it from possible viruses.(第一,确保你系统中的病毒库是最新的,并且清除了可能存在的病毒)

If you still run into this problem, download the General Clean Tool (可以下载这个软件清除系统中存在的老版本nero来解决这个问题)to resolve your issue. This will properly clean your system and in most cases allow you to install a fresh copy of Nero without conflicts.

3. Which Nero version do I need for Windows XP? xp上安装什么版本的nero?

The first version of Nero Burning Rom which supported XP was Nero So you need to have Nero or later. (nero 及以上就可)If you already own Nero 5 or 5.5, you can update to the latest Nero 5.5 Version for free. The download for Previous versions of Nero can be found in our download section.

4. I have noticed there is a NeroCheck.exe program constantly running in the background when I install the Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express software. What does this program do?

(该问题已解释,请参看 /kb/KB243-200572.html)

This program constantly checks for drivers that can conflict with our Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express software. If you print or save the Nero log file, you will see the list of drivers that this program has listed at the bottom of the Nero log file.

5. Why does the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive disappear after installing Nero?(安装nero后为什么cd-rom/dvd-rom 消失了?)

This issue normally occurs if you have another CD recording software installed previously and installed Nero afterwards, or if you uninstalled the other CD recording software and then installed Nero.

To resolve it (解决方法)



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